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2020 P&H Catalog

Product Lines

Listed here are just a few of the products we sell at 
P & H Supply Co., Inc.

Hydro-Excavating Equipment

Combo Jet and Vac Trucks

Jet Trailers and Trucks

Push Cameras and Locators

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Camera Crawlers

Trailer or Truck Mounted Vacuum Units

Pipe Plugs & Vaccuum Testing Equipment

High Performance Sewer Nozzles

High Performance Sewer Nozzles

Manhole Tools, Sewer Rods, etc.

Sewer Nozzles, Hose, Vac Parts, & Accessories

Pipe Plugs

Liquid-Smoke & Power Smokers

Water, Sewer & Utility Tools

Pump Parts

Jet Machines & Sewer Rodders

Nozzles, Cameras, Parts, & Accessories

General Wire

Manhole Hooks & Probes

Sewer Hose

Equipment Repair Parts and Accessories

Hydro-Excavating Nozzles

Construction Solutions

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